Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tough Love

Since moving out west I've fallen in love with succulents--I am a notorious plant-killer (not by choice, people), and succulents are like a second chance for me--an opportunity to redeem myself to all those poor ivies and house plants I've overwatered, underwatered, scorched, let my cats eat, etc in the past. They're not 100% fool-proof (please, if you know of any plants that are, please let me know!), but they can withstand my neglect and decidedly un-green thumb better than any other plant I've encountered.

This particular succulent (bonus points for you if you can tell me it's name because I have no clue) is my favorite and today, at the Coyote Point Regional Park in San Mateo, I came across a big giant patch of them, all together. I love their symmetry and the way they unfold out like they are welcoming you in for an embrace---but watch out for that tiny little spikey point at the tip of each perfectly curved leaf. Ouch!

1 comment:

Sue said...

It looks like Hen and Chicks to me.