Sunday, September 26, 2010

Half To Have It...

There's been a bit of a hiccup in my 365 plan, in the form of pneumonia last week. I just couldn't quite find the motivation to take pictures and post them. So I guess the 365 blog now becomes the 365+7 blog. Perhaps since I have been generally posting more than one shot a day, I can justify those days off? Either way, I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things--I have been loving carrying my camera around and seeing more of the world through it's lens these past few weeks and I definitely felt like I was missing something integral to my experience last week when I didn't pick up the camera.

Today we went to Half Moon Bay, and visited my favorite little antique & rusty treasures spot, Half to Have It. I can't go there without taking copious amounts of pictures; my son loves it because it's one of the few places where I am not all up in his business trying to take pictures of him like his own personal paparazzo. Today my camera feasted on these treasures:

this Buddha makes me so happy, I can't stop looking at him. He's going to end up on my wall, I think.

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