Thursday, September 30, 2010

Padiddle...London traffic in our living room

Husband travels to London on business several times a year. Every time he goes, Ethan asks for one thing--a black cab or a double-decker bus. I do believe that when we finally end up making the trip overseas with Husband at some point, the most transcendent part of the entire experience for Ethan will be seeing these two iconic London vehicles in person.

Because of the frequency of Husband's trips, we are in possession of a small fleet of both buses and taxis and are fully capable of recreating a mini-traffic jam (oh, we also recently added a Mini Cooper to our mix, for the record) on our own living room floor. Like this one.

Apparently little British boys & girls are far more reserved with their toy cars, or the "choking hazard" laws aren't quite as stringent there because Ethan's taxis and buses are forever having wheels pop out or, as is the case in the picture above, headlights breaking right off. Which led Ethan to learning his favorite word--padiddle. Who can blame him? It's a fun word. And you should be able to have some fun when you're sitting in traffic.

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