Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Sunday Creative--Time-worn

I cannot tell you how badly I wanted to photograph books again for this week's challenge. I've got some that certainly fit the description--college-era copies of classic English novels that were most likely purchased used, already softened under someone else's fingers and fading to yellow around the pages' edges ; but, sigh, I don't want to be a one-theme wonder here. I am hoping to add to this post as the week goes on because time-worn items are one of those things that just call to me when I've got my camera around my neck.

But for today, I'm going to post her:

She came with our house. We are not really angel people. As in, would never in a million years consider buying a garden-decor angel. Ever.

But our landlords are. And we love our landlords. When we first came to look at the house we're living in, the walls were rife with angel decor and pretty crosses. As we're Jewish, this isn't really our bag. But these people are a special kind of nice in so many ways, rather than turn us off (it's not like they were leaving all that stuff up on the walls when they moved out, obviously) it gave me a good feeling about them. I like spiritual people. I'm not always thrilled with uber-religious people (like when they try to foist their beliefs on me), but I like spiritual people. And I could tell our landlords just liked feeling surrounded by the eyes of angels (not "surrounded" like they needed to be on a TLC documentary show about hording angel tckotckes, but you know, a pair of protecting, loving eyes in many of their rooms kind of thing). It was nice.

The weekend we moved in, we started filling the rooms, and walls, with our own stuff. And immediately it felt like home to us. As I brought Ethan's riding toys out to the backyard, I noticed this little stone angel sitting on the bench at the far side of the yard. I have no idea if our landlords just forgot to pack her in their rush to get to their new home, or if they intended to leave her here to keep an eye out for us. I could have wrapped her in newspaper and packed her away in the garage somewhere, with the basket-ball themed wind chimes they also left behind, but I didn't. For some reason, I keep her sitting there on the bench. I figure if they did leave her as a kind of guardian angel for us, it would be kind of a thoughtless thing to do to pack her away. Whether I believe in that sort of thing or not. Good Karma is good Karma, no matter what you believe.


justinegordon said...

Definitely good Karma is good karma, it's a beautiful shot and what a lovely guardian to have as well.

NCavillones said...

we're jewish also but one of my mother's most treasured items is an angel just like this one that her mother had in her garden. i'm glad you kept it.

Maegan Beishline said...

So glad you're feeling at home in your new space! It's weird how we are just drawn to certain things!