Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh, Hai...

In this house, we have our own personal twin-set of LOLcatz. This is one of them; Echo. We rescued him and his brother, Crash, about 1.5 years ago, from a no-kill shelter where they'd been for what we assume was most of their lives. Yes, those little white things are totally his oversized fangs sticking out of his mouth. Thankfully he's a bit more civilized and dignified than most toddlers, and does not bite.

The cats are an even more challenging subject than Ethan because of the darkness of their coat, the lighting of our house and the blinding speed with which they become bored by my camera, or, alternately, become so enthralled by it that they decide to nudge up against it and leave their nose prints on my lens. Super.

But I keep trying to take their pictures anyway because I find them so gorgeous and they are such bottomless pits of unconditional love, it seems like they ought to get their fair share of my camera in their face, too, just like everyone else in this family.

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